About Us

Ayayu - Where Quality Meets Heritage and Good Course.

What is AYAYU?

Ayayu (pronounced: a-ya-yu) is derived from baby lingo for “I love you”, but imagine it with the amazingly melodic voice of a kid whose innocence and beauty are melting into a symphonic tweet.

A magical spark that ignited a dream in us, Ayayu comes from a place of love, passion, and compassion for your beloved kids. After all, how can we preserve our heritage and culture if not by making them part and parcel of our little ones’ lives?

The answer is simple: produce authentic kids clothing made superbly from the finest local fabric and dyes, using authentic traditional handcrafted textiles.

Love Your Kids, Love Where You Live, Love Your Heritage

Ayayu was born with a meaningful objective in mind: to expose our precious sprouts to the beauty of local arts, culture, and instill in them our heritage. This way, they will understand and appreciate where we come from as people. They’ll fall in love with the harmony & elegance of our nature translated in the allure of the floral cap batik - where hard work, sweat, and passion merge to give something we should all be proud of. We understand that not everyone might share our passion or believe in our effort to make our dying art see another day. We also want to boost our local businesses that are struggling to make ends meet.

At Ayayu, we believe that our very future will teach us the importance of breathing more life into our dying heritage and appreciate the value that only the arts inspired by our nature can bring.

By putting more love in our simple dress, we’re confident that our sons and daughters will salvage the heritage and culture they are deeply proud of.

Dazzling, simple yet sophisticated, our dress is an expression of the love of our kid. When you buy our products, we wish that every one of you could hear “a-ya-yu, mama” or “a-ya-yu, papa.”


What do we do?
Inspired from local natures and historical elements, we design our batik motives, undergone deep research, and carefully choose the colors,  We then liaise directly with our batik artisans from around Malaysia and self-pick the best quality cotton fabric to produce high-quality batik fabrics, tailor with the best and strict quality control to ensure the premium quality of products for our customers.

Created upon the love and preservation of Malaysia's art, culture, and heritage

AYAYU focuses primarily on kids' clothing with a vision to help improve the limited choice of high-quality kid’s apparel and accessories using authentic traditional textiles because we believe seeding the love for batik in them will do wonders for our beautiful art and culture. However, we also give the option for adults to have the same enjoyment of our batik by providing fabrics and custom tailoring service with our best tailors at minimal price and fees as an effort to enable everyone to enjoy wearing our precious Malaysia's Batik Terap in an effort to preserve the extinct art, seed the love of wearing authentic Malaysian Batik and support the businesses of our local and small entrepreneurs. Our designs come in both traditional and modern. We continually introduce fresh and trendy handmade batik designs, individually tailored using only the finest fabric and dyes. 

AYAYU also supports sustainability by recycling leftover fabrics into beautiful fashion accessories and goods. We engage talented youths, housewives & single-mothers in an effort to allow them to earn extra incomes for themselves and their families, provide additional life-skill, and at the same time to enable them to explore their creativity.